Media are a crucial factor in cultural mediation. The perception of the other country is based essentially on the perceived images. As a result, the Media Center of the German and Chinese Culture Foundation was founded in May 2019.

Our goal is to spread the events in both countries in German and Chinese and to present the exciting developments in Germany and China from different perspectives. We are passionate about these tasks and try to call for more interest in both countries.

Our audience consists of those who wants to have insights into Germany and China. Our news and opinions reach them through articles, audios, videos and other media on our website and other platforms.


As an ALS patient, he shines his sword against this deadly illness

Posted on 16 Sep 2021
If you knew you were terminally ill, would you enjoy the rest of your time, or would you be worried

Interview with a medium-sized German enterprise

Posted on 16 Apr 2021
This interview aims to present the condition and development desire of SMEs

New Year Wishes from Mr. Andreas Jahn

Posted on 17 Feb 2021
At the beginning of the year of the Ox 2021, Mr. Andreas Jahn, member of the Federal Executive Board

Stars in FC Bayern Munich wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

Posted on 10 Feb 2021
The Foundation German and Chinese Culture and Chengdu Plus has established a good partnership with


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