The education sector plays an equally prominent role in the cultural self-image of both countries. China’s rich educational tradition with its millennia-old history and Germany’s self-image as an educational nation complement each other despite all the differences. The educational sector in particular offers a wide space for intensive cultural exchange.

We have close contacts to educational experts, academies and institutions in both countries and want to strengthen the educational landscape in Germany and China positively.


Culture summer camp 2019

Posted on 25 Jul 2019
With the arrival of 15 children and parents from Peking, culture summer camp 2019 began. With Berlin

Zusammenarbeit mit Peking National Accounting Institute

Posted on 30 Nov 2018
Am Morgen des 21. November 2018 um 10:00 Uhr begrüßte die Aufbau Akademie Berlin Vertreter des Pekin

Experiencing Germany summer camp, teaching through lively activities, learning everyday something new

Posted on 10 Jul 2018
    On 2018, July 1st, “Edutainment-2018 Germany Summer Camp” organised by Stiftung Deutsche und Chi

Der erste Kalligraphie-Erlebnisunterricht wurde erfolgreich abgehalten

Posted on 29 Jan 2018
Am Samstagmorgen, dem 27. Januar, wurde der erste Kalligraphie-Erlebnisunterricht an der Aufbau Akad


2019 culture summercamp

Event partner Aufbau Akademie Berlin Mission Organize cultural exchange programs to improve parents&