Theme Week China

The Foundation organises the China Week together with BVMW – Federal Association of Small and Medium-sized Businesses, Entrepreneurs’ Association of Germany to provide more helpful information on China as a business location. How to make the right business contacts and how to successfully enter the Chinese market can be found out in various online formats.

“The Middle Kingdom” is a procurement market for many German companies – they buy goods and merchandise and import them to Germany. But the country is also attractive as a sales market. Products “Made in Germany” enjoy a high reputation in China. There are numerous business opportunities for international partners in many different sectors.
The Chinese market is special and unique. Entrepreneurs should therefore inform themselves comprehensively about the location, the business climate and the regional customs. In addition to researching the market, we also recommend that you inform yourself about crucial framework conditions in tax policy and legislation as well as labour and export law requirements.
In our China theme week, you can expect expert contributions, insights from companies operating in China and helpful information on the special features of the Chinese market, among other things. You will get to know our foreign representatives and China experts and have the opportunity to ask them specific questions about your options for entering the market.

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