Magician and Moshushi

Magic is a unique form of art performance. Using special techniques and props, it brings the audience a unique and unforgettable experience.

The exact date of origin of magic is not known, but it is believed that magic has existed since the beginning of human activity. The earliest records of magic are found in Egypt, about 2600 BC, more than 4,000 years ago. In China, the history of magic was also recorded more than 2000 years ago. At that time, people called magic “illusion.” In the Tang and Song Dynasties, magic was developed mainly as a performing art.

In February of this year, Jan Jokim contacted the Foundation and during our conversation we learned about his professional career. In 1982 Jan, who at that time was still a lawyer by profession, discovered his interest in magic. He successfully passed the professional examination of the German Magic Association and became a magician. Today he is a member of Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland e.V., Member of Social of Magic Association as well as Member of International Association of Family and Kidshow Performers.

He has been invited by the German magic magazine “Magische Welt” to write an article on the origins of the magic profession in China and Germany, and is looking forward to revising it further after writing the article and publishing it as a bilingual book. To this end, he hopes the Foundation will help him move forward with this project.

After Jan’s request, the Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting cultural understanding and exchange between China and Germany, decided to organize an online magic exchange meeting for this purpose, so that Jan could have the opportunity to communicate directly with other magicians in China and establish a friendly and long-term relationship. Through various preparations with our Chinese partners, we were honored to invite five outstanding Chinese magicians, namely Mr. Wang Qun, Mr. Yang He Ran, Mr. Sha Wenshuo, Mr. Huang Yu Chi and Mr. Zhu Sinian.

Another surprise was that Jan also invited his German counterpart, the world famous magician Topas, who won the overall championship at the International Magic Competition in Austria in 1987 at the age of 15. Four years later, he won the FISM (International Federation of Magical Societies) World Championships in Lausanne in the “Manipulation” category, becoming the youngest winner in the history of magic at World Championships in 1991, and in 2010 he was named American Magician of the Year. As one of the top magicians in the world, Topas came to Beijing, China in 2009 to participate in the then FISM World Championship, forming a strong connection with China. At this exchange meeting, he also hopes to gain a broader understanding of Chinese magic and culture.

On May 14, the online Chinese-German magic exchange meeting organized by the Foundation was successfully held. Although the pandemic temporarily stopped the on-site cultural exchange activities between the two countries, it could not stop the expectation of cultural exchange and cooperation between the two sides.

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