Investment and financing opportunity for music project in China

On behalf of the Cross-Media Streaming Service – JAZZED, the foundation is looking for investment and financing opportunities in China as well as potential investors, cooperation partners and jazz club partners.

In China, the market potential for cultural products is very progressive. In recent years, jazz culture in China has developed a lot, especially in the metropolises, and the audience of jazz music has increased significantly.

While live concerts are very limited during the post-pandemic period, the live streaming platform offers a new opportunity for artists and audiences, which also has good prospects for investors. After the market research, we present the project for enquirer and continue looking for potential partners.

The Foundation German and Chinese Culture plays a role as connection and bridge. In Oder to promote the cooperation, we aim to support communication and a barrier-free exchange between both sides.

The foundation has organized a video conference between a jazz club from Shenzhen and the German managing director of JAZZED successfully. The both sides have exchanged opinions on the project and are very looking forward to the next step in the cooperation.

Credit: Jazzed

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