The music studies in Germany

There are many world-famous music colleges in Germany, which with their good fame, professional teachers and traditional German teaching methods are always very popular with worldwide music students. Among foreign applicants, the number of Chinese applicants is increasing.

The Foundation German and Chinese Culture always supports intercultural educational projects such as the project music studies, which focuses on the preparatory phase of studying in Germany.

The project is mainly aimed at Chinese students / applicants who want to study at the music academy in Germany or who are already in Germany to prepare for an entrance exam. The aim of our offer is to assist the Chinese applicants: to answer the questions related to music studies; to solve any problems that may arise in life … so that you can concentrate on preparing for the exam and ultimately being able to be enrolled.

In addition to studying, it is also an important topic how Chinese students get to know German culture better and can quickly integrate in Germany. The Foundation is willing to provide support and advise.

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