On the eve of the IFA, a glimpse of the first major European exhibition in the post-pandemic era

Affected by the pandemic, major European exhibitions in 2020 have been forced to cancel. IFA as the first large-scale offline exhibition since the stabilization of pandemic, has therefore received extensive attention worldwide. On September 2, 2020, the day before IFA, a number of staff from the Foundation German and Chinese Culture came to the exhibition hall in advance to conduct on-site preparations for the IFA Media Center.

Although the number of participating companies has been reduced to a large extent this year, and the number of visitors is also limited, the enthusiasm and seriousness of the staff who are preparing to build the venue can still be felt in the exhibition. The construction staff who set up the booth held various materials in their arms; several exhibition leaders who passed by in a hurry was discussing preparations with their colleagues. Although there is still no audience at the exhibition site, every bright corner is a team that is carefully preparing for the next three days.

To increase the visibility of the IFA exhibition and advance the international image of the city of Berlin, Foundation German and Chinese Culture and the German TVT Media Group are jointly operating the IFA Media Centre once again on behalf of Messe Berlin. The Core work objectives are:

As far as possible, during IFA 2020, we will introduce and promote IFA Berlin in various ways, enabling Chinese audiences to understand IFA in a much better and deeper way. The Media Center Studio is located in Hall 12 of the main exhibition hall of the Berlin Convention and Exhibition Center, which is near to Huawei and TP-link’s . Two large-screen TVs and seats are ready, and the staff of the foundation have also begun to actively arrange various photography and radio equipment to improve preparations for the media activities. It is reported that the foundation has booked one-on-one interviews with more than 20 companies, hoping to continue to bring more cutting-edge reports to the global audience.

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